This tasting box is perfect to discover the exquisiteness of our buffalo products, processed exclusively with milk coming from the Piana del Sele breeding. It can also be a delicious gift for all occasions, a really tasty gift idea!

The box contains:
– 01 Mozzarella braid of 1kg.
– 01 Ricotta of 300g.

Ingredients: see the individual products in the catalogue.

SKU: B-mix-2
Bufala Small


Bufala Easy

The packaging is a mix of taste and genuineness! A box containing more than 1Kg of high-quality dairy products made exclusively with buffalo milk! Try the goodness of our hand braided mozzarella braid and the delicacy of our ricotta to eat with a spoon.
The package contains: a braid from and one ricotta for free.

The mozzarella of bufala braid needs to rest for 8-12 hours and retains its organoleptic properties even after 72-84 hours from its production.


Shopping on caseificioprincipato.it is easy and convenient: we ship from Monday to Thursday until 12:00 am, and we guarantee delivery within 24/36 hours.

The shipment times shown above are valid throughout the country. For islands and some areas with bad connections, delivery times may vary.
The braid is packaged, together with its protective liquid, in a polystyrene box to keep its temperature constant.
When you receive the shipment, save the braid in its protective liquid.

Category: Product SKU: B-mix-2

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